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Do you find yourself reaching for tee shirts when what you really need is a Long sleeve t shirt or sweaters to cover arms with soft material and layer with cardigans, jerseys or coats. We have loads of styles including drape styles that are not to tight on tummy, great for doing a "front tuck" for the french chic look, colours to brighten your complexion and beautiful materials to stop itchy woollen items touchings your arms.
HOMELEE Daisy Tee-Lantern Print $69.95 NZD
HOMELEE Daisy Tee-Navy $69.95 NZD
HOMELEE Frankie Singlet-Black $59.95 NZD
HOMELEE Frankie Singlet-Pink $59.95 NZD
HOMELEE Frankie Singlet-White $59.95 NZD
HOMELEE Daisy Tee-White $69.95 NZD
HOMELEE Daisy Tee-Black $69.95 NZD
HOMELEE Batwing Tee-Blk/White Stripe $79.95 NZD
HOMELEE Batwing Tee-Pink $79.95 NZD
HOMELEE Long Line S/S Tee-Black $54.95 NZD
HOMELEE Long Line S/S Tee-White $54.95 NZD
HOMELEE Long Line S/S Tee-Pink $54.95 NZD
HOMELEE Daisy Tee-Pink $69.95 NZD
HOMELEE Tee-Pink with Homelee wording $69.95 NZD
HOMELEE Batwing Tee-Black $79.95 NZD
HOMELEE Weekender Jeans - Grey Wash $119.95 NZD