Covid 19 RED TRAFFIC LIGHT UPDATE: WE ARE OPEN and you can buy instore or online.

Hi ladies, I just wanted to drop an update about the covid 19 to red traffic light to you and about how things will work. 

To be honest things are more or less the same. WE ARE OPEN and you can buy instore or online. Anyone is welcome is store as retail is not required to accept vaccine passes. Everyone will need to wear a mask (as required by the government).

But this is what you need to know:

  1. If your on the fence about going out shopping. We are here to pop the items in a bag and send them to your door. 
  2. We are also here in store if you need anything. Your more than welcome to come in and say Hi! We love seeing our customers in person.
  3. Click and collect is also a great option if your not keen on hanging around in the mall. Simply head to the checkout and select the pick up option. Then Chris and the girls will email  you when your order is picked, and ready to be picked up. Just bring your order number along.

 If your working from home we recommend our Homelee apartment pants. They look great if anyone stops by to visit, and they are really comfortable for wearing around the house. We personally live in them when we are working from home on the website and the BEST THING is on a zoom meeting no one can see your bottom half.


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