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How to Curate the Perfect Wardrobe for Autumn 2020 - allaboutagirl

How to Curate the Perfect Wardrobe for Autumn 2020


We have all been there... playing "outfits" to figure out what to wear to a dinner out, meeting, date or wedding. Only to find out bedroom become a clothing explosion. ). Sadly real life is nothing like a makeover montage we see in movies.


Do you ever feel like you have so many clothes and nothing to wear?

This is something I experienced in my own wardrobe in my late 20s and early 30s, I felt like I had so many nice tops and nothing to go with them. My wardrobe was unbalanced with so many statement pieces and not enough basics to tie them all together. Which means every time I got dressed instead of feeling fab, I just felt confused and like my bedroom had been hit by a tornado.

Here are my tips for curating the perfect wardrobe.

1. Invest in basics every season: 

It is amazing the different good basics make to tieing your wardrobe together. This could be as simple as making sure you have a plain tee or singlet in your favourite colours or stable dark blue denim jeans that make you feel fabulous.

Brands we recommend for basics:

Elm - Great basics for the season as well as accent pieces

Betty Basics - The name says it all.

We recommend these:



2. Round out your wardrobe with statement pieces:

Once you have a foundation you can add wow factor with statement pieces like bright prints, cool coats, killer shoes, scarves. 

We love these:

HELGA MAY - Royal Hummingbird Dress-Hot Pink

PQ Collection - Miracle Hi Lo top-Hidden Cove

3. Invest in a nude bra in the right size

We know that bras come in all sorts of colours, but having a good skin coloured bra is a must for tieing a wardrobe together.

4. Your wardrobe should represent how you spend your life

How do you spend your time Are you at home with the kids 70% of the time? Or perhaps at work? At the gym 5% of the time, Out for coffee and running about 15% of the time, getting Smancy 2% of the time at the occasional wedding?

Draw a circle and then segment it into the % of your life you spend doing different things. 

  • At home and around the house
  • Out for coffee and running about town
  • Hitting the gym
  • Going out on the town - dates - dancing - events
  • Work

Now think about the clothes in your wardrobe? Does it match how you spend your life? 

Is it all party dresses instead of work clothes? Is it all mooching around the house leisurewear that you hope no one sees you in if you leave the house? Is it all swimming togs when you only go swimming twice a year? What is missing? and write a list.

Tip: I did this in my early 30s and realised by 20-year-old wardrobe no longer suited my 30-year-old lifestyle. Replacing party dresses with casual-chic clothes I could transfer from work to weekends meant I could look chic AND reduced the decision making fatigue and time it took me to get changed. A few key purchases like a leather jacket, denium jacket, loafers, funky shoes I would walk in, little black dress, refreshing my basics ever few seasons really helped tie my wardrobe together and look more polished.

Did you like this blog?

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think or if you have any great tips to share :D

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