How to plan the perfect spring wardrobe

Spring is coming... (almost a game of thrones reference there). And that means its time to build layers ladies!  Up'ing your wardrobe game this season is all about building a wardrobe of basics you can mix and match and adding in your statement pieces to really finish off your look.

4 ways to look more put together this spring.

Think of your outfits like a recipe, and your basics clothing as the ingredients, and your statement pieces like the hot sauce you pop on at the end to add some heat ️‍🔥️‍🔥️‍🔥

Want to plan your spring wardrobe with me? Let me tell you how.

1. Decide what you would like to wear:

This could be sitting down in a café, city or town where people congregate with a coffee and people watching. 

Following some influences on Instagram or YouTube with a similar body shape to you. 

Pro Tip: I like to Create a Pinterest board and pin "cute outfits" or "shopping list" to a board so you can look to this for inspiration as you shop.

2. Think about how you actually like your life and what clothes you need for that.

Sometimes its easy to buy for your fantasy life, we all have those aspirational items in our closet for clubbing, when we lose weight, or our perfect beach vacay. 

If you spend:

  • 25% of your life at home looking after the kids
  • 20% out exercising, walking the dog and out to the gym
  • 5% going out for dinner
  • 50% at work


The % of items in your wardrobe should also reflect that ratio.... don't be like me in my 20's where party dresses represented 50% (I know life goals right) and my life style did not.

3. Figure out what basics you need to make your wardrobe work.

If you have nothing to wear you are probably lacking in basics, create a list of building blocks your need to build spring outfits in your wardrobe (look at your inspiration from above to build out your outfit recipes)

Here are some of our favourite spring wardrobe staples for building a versatile mix and match wardrobe.

megan white long sleeve tee

Long sleeve and short sleeve tees. 

Start with a long sleeve tee as base and build warm layering with a sweatshirt or cardigan. That means if things heat up, you can always remove a layer. The best thing is this tee will go with any bottoms, skirts, shorts, pants, joggers and jeans... the world is your oyster.

We recommend having a short sleeve and long sleeve tee in the same colour,  that way you have the right choice on hand no matter the weather,

Soft comfortable joggers

A pair of joggers is a must have for around the house. These days they are getting more and more stylish so you can find pairs you would be willing to leave the house in. We love Homelee apartment pants because you can wear them high or mid waisted, there's a pop of edge with the cool cross detailing. And we love that they come in winter and summer weight. Some other great options are moke violet joggers for the metallic hard-wear or federation escape joggers

Pair joggers with a long sleeve top and denim jacket for an effortless outfit for school pickup, walking the dog, lunch with the girls, watching sports with the kids or grandkids. 

dri cooper jogger

Want something a little more polished - go to dri-coper for joggers you could wear to work. 

Don't like a skinny leg? Try Homelee avenue pants wide leg trackkies. 

Tran-seasonal dresses to take you from winter to spring

The right dress can take you from winter to spring. Pair our dresses with tights & boots for winter and an overcoat, add a light cardigan or denim jacket for spring or wear them as a stand alone piece for summer. 

We love homelee kendalland kylee dresses are a great staple in winter or spring because they give you a great silhouette by adding volume and the bottom and balancing your figure. The tiers mean they suit most body shapes.  Kyle is great if you want to show off some leg, or Kendal is midi length for covering knees. on colder days you can layer over a denim jacket and add tights and boots, or on warmer days just add white sneakers or sandals. 

Denim Jacket the perfect layering piece

Denim jacket in any colour is a great basic to have in your wardrobe. Combine with a tee and skirt, joggers and a tee, 

Want to add some edge to your outfit, try one of these frill denim jackets by Vassalli. We love how they create some shape by kicking out at the bottom, the sleeve length is flattering (as it shows your skinniest part) and there's a little bit of stretch in the material so they don't feel restrictive. 


trench coat for spring


Trench coat or long line cardigan. 

A trench or long line cardiganor coatigan is Perfect for when you need a layering piece, pop on with jeans and a tee, a dress or skirts and a tee, for an effortlessly classic look. 

Pro tip: Trying to hide a tummy? don't do up the tie at the front, leave a gap and tie at the back, this lets you use the lapels to break up the bust area and create a long line, skimming over the tummy, and the illusion of a skinny waist. This creates a beautiful silhouette . Bigger arms? Avoid a drop shoulder as this can make your top half look wider.


A nice top 

A dressy top is great for pairing with skirts, jeans, pants for an easy going out outfit. You can add a denim jacket, trench or long cardigan to dress it up. We love Seeking Lola

4. Shop what's missing in your wardrobe and start creating outfits.

Once you know the pieces you need and the outfits you want to create, all you need to do is fill in the gaps. These are just a few ideas we have to kit out your spring wardrobe but you can personalize it to you and your lifestyle. If you need any help we are here to help. We have new stock landing for spring every day so be sure to checkout the what's new page for inspiration for your spring wardrobe planning. If your here in Christchurch why not come and see us in store.


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